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The beauty of evergreen content

It's easy for us to neglect our websites when we get busy. I'm just as guilty as you are!

Recently I've been so focused on ghost blogging and writing web copy for my customers, I've neglected to update my blog. The cardinal cyber sin. 

We know Google loves websites that are regularly updated. However, evergreen content is also an important component of your website.

Posted on Sunday, 25th October 2015 by Vanessa Hunt

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Don’t have a website? You can still find customers in Berkshire (or anywhere).

As a new, small business owner you know you need to market your business. How can potential customers buy from you, if they don't know you exist? But what if you don't have the budget right now for the professional website you dream of?

If your budget is limited and you don't have a website, there's still one way you can promote your services. Whether you live in Berkshire, in Buckinghamshire or indeed the Outer Hebrides, you can use one fabulous marketing platform for free: Facebook.

Effective marketing demonstrates your value to customers in a simple, clear way. Facebook is one of the best tools available for communicating with consumers. It's easily accessible, most people use it and its established ethos of liking, sharing and commenting is perfect for small businesses intent on raising their profile.

Posted on Saturday, 16th May 2015 by Vanessa Hunt

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We are earning, but is that living?

In the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer. – Albert Camus in ‘Return to Tipasa’ (1952)

Is it only through loss, pain or death that we gain clarity of purpose in our lives?

We live, therefore we must die. Though our days are numbered, we consider them countless. We spend our time carelessly. 

Posted on Wednesday, 15th April 2015 by Vanessa Hunt

Creativity Learning Productivity

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I am not a number!

"Get 4K American Likes on Facebook."

"Get me 1,000 likes on Instagram!"

"I need 3K Followers on Twitter."

Do these numbers make such a big difference to online marketing?

Posted on Sunday, 8th March 2015 by Vanessa Hunt

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Guest blog spot: Positive PR

Social Media is today’s marketing buzz-word. Everyone is so pre-occupied with this media that sometimes all other media channels get forgotten. The more traditional forms of advertising, PR and email marketing to name a few still have a very important role to play in supporting your business. It all comes down to what you want to achieve, your budget and who you want to speak to. 

Posted on Sunday, 8th February 2015 by

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How to get jumpstarted when your battery's flat

Do you ever have days where no matter how hard you focus, you're not as productive as you'd like?

I had one like that recently. 

I had a long document I needed to finish writing by the end of the day. So I removed myself from all distractions. I shut myself away in my home office. I set my phone to silent. I closed all unnecessary browser windows and apps. I started to work. And yet...

Posted on Sunday, 18th January 2015 by Vanessa Hunt


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Yes, your dog can teach you new tricks!

"Walkies!" A familiar phrase that's sure to set even the laziest dog's tail a-wagging.

But how can a wagging tail help you form new habits this year? Because I'm sure, like me, you have at least one New Year's resolution niggling away at the back of your mind?

Posted on Tuesday, 13th January 2015 by Vanessa Hunt


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