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The definitive guide to starting your own Marketing, PR or Advertising Business

You may have dreamt about it for years, but not felt comfortable to make the jump. You may have had some great bosses, but have always wanted to be the boss of your own marketing business. Well, this is the guide that will give you all the tools and resources that you need to start your own marketing, PR or Advertising agency. 

Make the jump and run your own Marketing

Marketers are the beating heart of a business. They create the demand that keeps the business operating and profitable. They help to develop new products that make their customers happy. They help to define and mange the business by advocating and promoting its values to its employees. Marketing is an all encompassing role within a business that bonds you tightly to it. With a career spent growing and promoting other people's businesses its obvious that at some point in their career the marketer is going to want to build their own business, something that they can call theirs. 

The ultimate list of resources for starting your own Marketing, PR or Advertising Agency.

How to start your business from scratch, building a website that generates leads and how to market your agency.

Start your own Marketing


  1. Taking the decision to start your own agency
  2. How to set up a marketing business successfully
  3. Everything you'll need to start your own agency
  4. Having a goal and mission to create a valuable business
  5. How to build a marketing business that will make money
  6. Drive traffic and generate leads with a successful website
  7. How to market your marketing agency and win business
  8. Amazing case studies

Chapter 1 

Taking the decision to start your own agency 

You have spent years mastering your craft and have the battle scars to prove it. You have successfully promoted businesses for other people. You have leadership experience and you think it's time to go out on your own. You need a new challenge and starting your own marketing business or agency is exactly what you want to do. You just haven't made that decision completely yet. Here are some resources to help you to decide if you are ready to start your own marketing agency. 

Chapter 2 

How to set up a marketing business successfully 

Whether you are planning on setting up a Marketing, PR,  Internet Marketing company or going freelance the lessons learned and passed on by other marketing companies are incredibly valuable. The key to setting up successful marketing company is making sure that its foundations are solid so learn from other peoples mistakes and don't make them yourself, set up your marketing business successfully!

Chapter 3 

Everything you'll need to start your own agency

So you have decided to take the plunge and start your own agency. But where next? What's the next stage in the process? Below are some resources that will help you to register and start your own marketing business as well find the right people to help you manage it. 

Chapter 4

Having a goal and mission to create a valuable business 

You are a marketer, you know the importance of having clear and defined goals. A mission helps to give you direction and tells you which way to drive the business. Your values define who you and your brand are, how customers and suppliers will perceive you and how you will do business. Successful businesses know exactly which direction they are heading in so define your brand and point your business compass with these helpful resources now. 

Chapter 5 

How to build a marketing business that will make money

You have set up a great agency, your business has its compass pointed forwards and you are heading in the right direction. 

Set your business in the right direction for success

But how are you going to make money? Which type of business model are you going to use?Here are some examples of the different agency models and how are other successful marketing, advertising and PR companies making their money?

Chapter 6

Drive traffic and generate leads with a successful website

Your website will be the centre of your marketing strategy, you have to get it right! A great website is not necessarily an expensive one, but it does take some thought and consideration to create a good website that converts web traffic into clients. These resources are focused on getting this critical part of your marketing right and helping you to generate leads from your website. 

Chapter 7

How to market your marketing agency and win business 

You have a great back office set up, your website is fantastic and your clients are going to love it. Now you just need to find those clients. As a marketer you know that there are a huge amount of ways to promote and market yourself. Here are some of the best resources that are out there on promoting your business and finding clients. Use these resources to define your new business strategy. 

Chapter 8

Amazing case studies and motivation 

Finally we have put together some inspirational case studies and resources to really get you motivated. Remember all businesses start small, all have to begin as startups but they don't have to stay that way! 

Passion led us here

We hope that you enjoyed our definitive guide to starting your own marketing business. If you are starting your own marketing business, why not send us an email and let us know how you are getting on, or alternatively leave a comment in the box below. We wish you all the best of luck with your new business!

Improve Marketing is a marketing agency based in Suffolk who work with customers all over the UK at improving their marketing. Among our services we offer white label products and consultancy to Marketing, Advertising, PR and Creative agencies who want to diversify their offerings and generate additional revenue. 

If you are interested in any of our services and fancy a chat, why not get in touch, we would love to talk to you.

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Friday, 28th July 2017

Written by Paul Lymer

Paul is a freelance marketing consultant and founding director of Improve Marketing. He writes useful content for fellow marketing businesses and has over twenty years' experience in the digital and advertising industry.

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