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Vanessa Hunt Consulting is a CRM and marketing consultancy, covering all phases of your technology project including requirements gathering, process design, CRM vendor selection, configuration, data migration and training. Vanessa works with carefully selected experts in complementary fields to provide high-quality implementation services and marketing that gets results.

Vanessa Hunt

Vanessa worked as an independent CRM Consultant from 2006, before establishing Vanessa Hunt Consulting Ltd in January 2010. She's held training and management positions in software organisations and consultancies such as Maximizer Software Ltd, McAfee, Detica and CSC Computer Sciences. With 16 years' experience in training, marketing and CRM, she's very much at home in today's growing market of Social CRM. Vanessa is a keen linguist, fluent in English, French, German and Italian. She's worked on many CRM training projects, delivering training across Europe in multiple languages. Vanessa enjoys keeping fit, reading, writing and socialising in her free time. She lives in South Bucks with her husband and athletic cat. If she's not in the classroom in heels, she's outdoors in muddy boots!

Myrna Rickards

Myrna started her career as a teacher of Modern Languages and English as a Foreign Language, and during her time teaching adults in Oxford, she began studying computing and web design. She then embarked on a web marketing career at Macmillan Publishers and Oxford University Press. In 2011 she launched her freelance marketing business Blue Gem Marketing which allowed her to work at home and look after her two children. She recently launched a new business, Click and Tap Computer Coaching, which helps people to make the most of their computers and tablets. She now combines her freelance marketing work with teaching computer and digital skills to individuals and groups. She blogs about social media, e-safety and small business marketing, resources and advice.

Chrystel Melhuish

Chrystel is a Graphic Designer with over 12 years’ creative design experience. In the last three years she’s expanded her design service to include book publishing. In her former role as a Visual Communications Manager, Chrystel was responsible for the design and branding of multimillion pound bids. Chrystel has transferred this valuable experience to her own business, Plum Design & Publishing Ltd. Since 2013 she's been supporting small businesses with their branding, design and book publishing needs. In 2016 she was voted winner of two Star Business Awards with the Best of Woking. A French native, Chrystel speaks English fluently and enjoys using her rusty Spanish. In her spare time, she loves traveling, walking in the forest, exploring new places, dancing and going to the cinema with her family.

Paul Lymer

Paul is a freelance marketing consultant and founding director of Improve Marketing. He writes useful content for fellow marketing businesses and has over twenty years' experience in the digital and advertising industry.

Gareth Simpson

Gareth is an SEO pro with over a decade in the industry. Now based in Bristol, his specialisms are blogger outreach and content. You’ll find him at his desk, drinking green tea and working on his latest campaign.

Martin Herbert

Martin is a Business Advisor with Oxfordshire Business Enterprises. He has a technical background which is complimented by sound commercial experience. He started his working life as an apprentice electronics technician before finding his way into data communications and finally the software industry, from within which he started up a small software company that he grew and eventually sold after 20 years. Martin has a keen interest in helping small businesses succeed by focusing on key objectives and planning how to achieve them by capitalising on the strengths of the individual business owner, rather than following generic business development dogmas. He enjoys the challenge of solving problems, be they technical or commercial, but always in an avuncular way.

Paola Merlassino

Paola is a creative Italian photographer based in Berkshire. She creates stunning images for Vanessa Hunt's marketing clients, including product and portrait photography. Paola has a relaxed style, getting to know her clients first to understand how best to capture them. She loves creating photos that help us capture special moments for eternity.