The time required to develop training materials is often underestimated. If you've spent time on a TNA, this certainly makes the job easier. But you'll need to liaise with subject matter experts (SMEs) to create useful scenarios, and getting access to the right people takes some coordination.  

You need suitable training materials

When we design a training programme for you, we agree what kind of training materials you'll need. Depending on your budget and timescales, we may produce a combination of Quick Reference Guides (QRG), detailed User Guides, Train The Trainer guides, PowerPoint slides or online learning materials.

We make sure that we work with your subject matter experiences (SMEs) to create materials that are relevant, and include demonstrations, scenarios and exercises that are valid. 

We produce training materials predominantly as a reference and validation of content. We focus on getting users hands-on with their new CRM system as soon as possible. We much prefer users to see, try and practice using their system, but with the knowledge that support materials are available as needed. The sooner they're working with the new or updated software, the better. We make sure they're equipped with the most important skills first, confident in using those skills and inquisitive about learning more and how to use more advanced features to their benefit.

Your employees prefer no-nonsense language

We write clear, structured, no-nonsense training materials. We ensure that the language we use reflects your business style, and that it is easy to understand. 

You need materials that can be localised

We produce materials in the knowledge that they may be translated or localised in future. We use a clear, simple style, and we only use business terms that add value, not jargon.

You need materials that are easy to update

One of the main issues with any kind of training material is that it can be time-consuming to update them. Especially if you've included a lot of screenshots in your slides, and the CRM system is being updated regularly. The cost of maintaining some types of material can be prohibitive. We look for the most accurate, expedient way of delivering effective training material to your users.