One of the most effective ways to embed learning and change in an organisation is to have your own employees deliver training. This is a cost-effective method of delivering training across multiple regions or countries. It also ensures that you have a team of skilled Super Users who can champion user adoption of your CRM. 

Your internal trainers need facilitation skills

Whilst most employees are comfortable presenting, training users to use a new CRM system requires excellent facilitation skills. We can upskill your designated employees with the necessary facilitation and presentation skills, to help ensure they are confident and able to deliver effective CRM training. We cover key topics such as classroom management and facilitation skills, and include practice sessions and teach-backs as preparation.

Your internal trainers need CRM knowledge and skills 

Your designated employees need advanced technical knowledge and skills to deliver your CRM training. We build a comprehensive training programme to ensure that they clearly understand the business processes and functionality that your End Users need to follow. We also ensure that they can troubleshoot common problems and have an adequate understanding of the administration of the selected CRM system, to help support users