Sometimes Instructor Led Training or eLearning are insufficient on their own. We suggest using virtual training to complement your Instructor Led Training interventions and eLearning training courses, to maximise user adoption. If your CRM system is quite simple, virtual training may even work perfectly on its own.

Use virtual training for simple CRM systems

If your new CRM system is quite straightforward to use, such as Insightly CRM, we may be able to cover all training needs via virtual training. We typically run 1-2 hour sessions. A complete training programme may include a number of sessions over a several weeks, to ensure skills retention. 

We can use your preferred webinar service, such as WebEx or GoToMeeting, or arrange another for you.  

Use virtual training to complement Instructor Led Training or eLearning

Even if you primary training delivery method is Instructor Led Training or eLearning, virtual training can still play a useful part. You can offer a series of prepared Hot Topic sessions, repeating the most complex topics covered during training online or offline. In addition, you can offer daily or weekly virtual surgeries, where users share their CRM-related questions. Surgeries provide an ideal forum for gathering feedback about how effective other training methods were, providing valuable information to help either improve or extend training content.