Manage your sales pipeline


"We want to communicate effectively with our customers."

CMYUK are one of the leading providers of superwide digital print in the UK. They sell and distribute industrial printers for large print manufacturers, such as Vutek and Mimaki. CMYUK's office and warehouse are now located in Woodley, Berkshire. They contacted Vanessa Hunt Consulting Ltd last January with a serious issue. Their former warehouse had recently caught fire. Fortunately CMYUK stored data about current customers in a separate finance system, but they no longer had a record of the latest emails and conversations with their customers:

We don't have clear visibility of the printers our customers have bought or which salesperson is speaking to them about new printers or consumables. 

Obviously CMYUK were keen to resume proper service as quickly as possible. After their unfortunate experience, they decided that a cloud-based CRM system would allow them to store their data more safely. 

Our response? Salesforce implementation and training.

Following meetings and calls to understand their requirements, we confirmed Salesforce as a suitable CRM tool for CMYUK. Their sales team was quite small, but located in different parts of the UK. They wanted a CRM system that they could use easily with Outlook and on their mobile devices. Their goal was to capture leads on their website to track the results of their email marketing campaigns. They also wanted to manage their pipeline effectively and record any customer issues. Lastly, it was important for them to be able to make small changes to the system themselves, whenever new printers became available. 

In a matter of days, we captured their CRM requirements and configured Salesforce. We loaded customer data and tested the system. We trained all team members to use Salesforce, Salesforce for Outlook and Chatter. We also provided administration training to super users who'd be responsible for managing future changes to the system. We created data cleanliness and pipeline Reports and Dashboards to encourage users to start using the new system right away.

Jon Price, Director of CMYUK, was very happy with the results:

Fab training! Just love the product. It's a giant leap forward for us.

Jon's enthusiasm and personal adoption of Salesforce spread to the rest of the team. Leadership support and engagement is critical for any CRM implementation to be successful, so this was both refreshing and motivating.  

CMYUK has visibility of the health of its sales pipeline

The sales team has expanded since the initial implementation of Salesforce. All team members are proactively managing their personal sales pipeline, recording their activities and capturing any customer issues.

Michael Crook recently joined CMYUK as Commercial Director of the Consumables Division. He's positive about the results too:

I think you'd be impressed. The guys have really taken to it now and are using opportunities and tasks. We still have a way to go in refining the data, but we're on the right track.

The data cleanliness dashboards highlight missing information, so the sales team can follow up with clients and manage their portfolios. This allows us to target the right customers with our marketing campaigns. Sales can also check which cases are still open and analyse the cause of customer issues. 

Investing in Salesforce training for all users at the start of the Salesforce implementation was key to adoption. We also continue to return to provide training to new joiners, refresher training and more advanced reports and dashboard training, as needed. By providing training to the sales team at regular intervals, we're able to keep the training sessions short, focused and memorable.

What's next for CMYUK?

Now that CMYUK has accurate information about the printers that each client has, they're able to run targeted lead generation campaigns that share product information and promotions with the right customers. So customers will receive communications that interest them most, driving the sales of printer consumables. 

CMYUK are also trialling some route planning apps from the AppExchange, to help make planning visits to customers and suppliers more efficient.