Vanesssa Hunt Consulting Ltd is a Nimble Solution Partner. Here's our quick guide to Nimble. We hope it answers your immediate questions, but please contact us if there's anything else we can help you with.

How is Nimble different from other CRM systems?

Nimble is different because: 

  • It draws contact data from your selected social media networks, so you can quickly build a database of your prospects and contacts, without the need for separate, time-consuming data loads
  • It automatically suggests matches for your contacts' social media profiles, to augment the information held in your contact records
  • It highlights opportunities for you to engage with your contacts, based on their importance to you and their current social media activity

For us, it's an excellent, great value CRM tool for independent consultants, one-man bands and small companies of 5-10 users.

A little background about Nimble

Nimble's tagline is:

The smarter, faster way to turn relationships into revenue.

Nimble has been designed to make regular, relevant communication with your prospects and customers so straightforward, that you want to use it to stay organised. And if you're organised, that means you can spend more time with your customers. 

How easy is it to use Nimble?

Nimble has to be one of the most intuitive CRM solutions you'll find. There are some useful widgets that allow you to 'Nimble' individuals from your browser and quickly add a new contact to your Nimble database. Just add their email address, and Nimble does the rest. You'll have a comprehensive history of that contact's activity and your own communications with them.

Can you use Nimble on a mobile device?

Yes, Nimble has a useful companion mobile app you can use to view, update and manage key contact information. It doesn't include all functionality available to you in the browser version, but it does provide you with the essentials for when you're working remotely.

Can you use it offline?

No, it's currently designed to work online.

What are its key features?

Nimble is a CRM application that adds rich social information to your contact data. You can engage proactively with your prospects and customers using Nimble. Its key features include:

  • Contact management
  • Social listening
  • Pipeline management
  • A single Inbox for social signals and messages
  • Sales and marketing
  • Activity management

We love the 'Signals' feature which highlights opportunities for you to communicate with your most important contacts, for example when they mention or follow you on social media. 

What are its benefits and business outcomes?

So what do all those features give you?

  • A personalised approach to sales and marketing
  • Improved lead qualification and relevant customer communication
  • Better sales pipeline management

What about security? 

Email messages can be set to private, if desired. However, contacts, tasks, events and sales deals are visible to all, so your whole team is aware of previous and planned interactions with a customer. 

How much does Nimble cost?

Pricing is based on a monthly subscription per user. 

For details of the functionality included in Nimble, please refer to the Nimble pricing page.

Version Cost* If you want to...
Billed annually $22 Manage prospects and customers professionally
Billed monthly $25 Manage prospects and customers professionally

 *Costs quoted are per user per month.  



Where can I find out more about Nimble?

Take a look at the Nimble website, where you can find details of upcoming webinars. But if you'd like a more detailed demonstration, please click Request a demo to contact us. 

You'll also find a few more details on our Nimble Partner Page.