Pipeliner CRM

Vanessa Hunt Consulting Ltd is a Pipeliner CRM Consultant Partner. Here's our quick guide to Pipeliner CRM. We hope it answers your immediate questions, but please contact us if there's anything else we can help you with.

How is Pipeliner CRM different from other CRM systems?

Pipeliner CRM is different because:

  • You'll see that information is displayed using a lot of visuals, so it's intuitive
  • You can perform many tasks from one screen
  • You can work offline
  • You don't need a System Administrator
  • Pricing is straightforward - there's one version at one price 

For us, it's one of the easiest pipeline management tools for small to medium-sized businesses to get started with. And because it's been built with sales professionals in mind from the start, it doesn't require a huge investment in configuration or training. 

A little background about Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner's tagline is:

Sales is a profession, not just an app.

Their mantra is that CRM should be flexible, simple and visual. It's easy to enter data into Pipeliner, and visualise it in a way that helps you manage your sales process effectively.

How easy is it to use Pipeliner CRM?

Because so much of the information you need is displayed in one screen, it's easier to use. You can navigate quickly, without having to scroll through lots of different pages.

Your pipeline is displayed visually, so you can see what you need to focus on. It provides visual targets and shows clearly how you're performing against your sales target.

It's easy to adjust Pipeliner to your natural sales process, so sales professionals will enjoy using it.

Can you use Pipeliner on a mobile device?

Yes. You can use all the main sales features and synchronise all your data with the Pipeliner Mobile CRM App. You can use it on your iPhone and iPad, or your Android device.

Can you use it offline?

Yes. You can carry on working wherever you are - on a train, in the air or in the park. You just need to click a button to synchronise your data whilst you're still connected, and all data will be available for you to use offline.

What are its key features?

Pipeliner CRM incorporates everything you need for your sales and marketing teams to work together seamlessly:

  • Lead management
  • Pipeline management
  • Social networks data
  • Product database
  • Reports and dashboards, with pivot tables

You don't need to download lots of additional apps and integrate them with Pipeliner.

What are its benefits and business outcomes?

So what do all those features give you?

  • Users who want to use the system - so an accurate pipeline
  • Control of your sales process
  • Increased chance of reaching your sales targets. 
  • Better sales results

What about security?

You decide who needs to see which records. You can easily add team members to an opportunity. And you can clearly see who can see what.

How much does Pipeliner CRM cost?

What we especially like about Pipeliner CRM is its fair, transparent pricing. You know exactly what you're paying. There are no hidden fees.

Pricing is based on a monthly subscription per user. 

For details of the functionality included in this version, please refer to the Pipeliner CRM pricing page.

Version Cost* If you want to...
The only version £25 Manage your leads and sales pipeline

 *Costs quoted are per user per month. Billed annually.  

Where can I find out more about Pipeliner CRM?

Take a look at Pipeliner's website, where you can view an explanatory 2-minute video. But if you'd like a more detailed demonstration, please click Request a demo to contact us.