Vanessa Hunt Consulting has implemented Insightly CRM for many clients, including marketing agencies, training companies, and professional services. Here's our quick guide to using Insightly. We hope it answers your immediate questions, however if you need more details please contact us.

How is Insightly CRM different from other CRM systems?

Insightly is ideal for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs). It enables you to manage your leads, contacts and opportunities and convert them smoothly into sales. It includes features that make it easy to manage your repeatable business processes, allowing you to build better relationships with your clients. With three Insightly pricing plans to choose from, you can start small and upgrade as your business grows.

A little background about Insightly

Insightly's tagline is:

Grow faster with the modern CRM teams love.

Insightly CRM is aimed at small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to help manage accounts, sales pipelines, new leads and existing contacts. Insightly can be used to organise projects and business processes by setting tasks, deadlines and targets which can be assigned to different teams or team members to ensure the sales process runs efficiently. All processes and procedures can be tracked at any point in the sales cycle.  

How easy is it to use Insightly CRM?

Insightly works within a browser on both MAC and Windows and has a clean, attractive user interface. Visual icons clearly identify your Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, Organisations and Projects. You can add as much detail as you need about these different types of record, and manage the sales process in different stages by setting up tailored views and reports via Insightly analytics and dashboards.

Can you use Insightly on a mobile device?

Insightly has an easy-to-use mobile app which can be downloaded from the App Store. Using the app on the go means valuable time is not wasted, since sales teams can update the sales pipeline real-time.

Can you use it offline?

The Insightly mobile app supports view and search of all client account data whilst offline, however as soon as the app has a wifi connection the app will automatically sync and update the data.

What are its key features?

Insightly CRM is mainly used as a lead and contact management tool for building and managing customer relationships. Its key features allow you to easily track, organise and report on any given client.

Customise Lists and Views

A powerful feature whereby you can create different lists and views to quickly see the status of any sales pipeline.


You can use activity sets to automatically create groups of tasks and events. These activity sets can be linked to your sales pipeline stages, or could simply be a sequence of steps you typically perform when you first follow up with a new lead. 

Shared Email

Most sales processes require the involvement of different teams and departments. Using Insightly's Shared Email feature, a history of emails relating to the sales process can be stored within the client record.

Document management

Documents, proposals, agreements and reports can be stored against a client's record.

Shared notes

All correspondence and telephone calls can be stored in Insightly as a shared note - or recorded as activities for time-bound tasks and events.


Insightly integrates with other top applications such as Mailchimp, OneDrive and iCloud. It also integrates with a host of other popular applications, using Zapier. Zapier is an app which sits between Insightly and the third-party app. A full list of integrated applications can be found on Zapier's website.

What are its benefits and business outcomes?

Using Insightly CRM you can manage your clients more efficiently with improved communication and organised processes. Each of the internal teams involved in the sales process can view a client's record and know the exact status of that client and who is currently dealing with them. The result is a highly managed sales process, with the right level of tracking in place during the sales cycle, through invoicing and post-sale activity. 

What about security? 

Insightly takes data security and privacy seriously and meets the following standards regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information:

SOC 2 Type 2 compliant

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework compliant

Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield compliant

TRUSTed Apps Data Privacy certified for G Suite

How much does Insightly cost?

Pricing is based on a monthly subscription per user. 

Insightly has different pricing plans available depending on your needs. You can download a free trial of Insightly and view pricing information here

Where can I find out more about Insightly?

For more information, visit Insightly's website or if you'd like a demonstration, please click Request a demo to contact us.

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