Vanessa Hunt Consulting has recently implemented Workforce.FM for service businesses with field-based staff. Here's our quick guide to using this great value field service application. We hope it answers your immediate questions, however if you need more details please contact us.

How is different from other CRM systems?

Workforce.FM is a field service management software solution for service businesses. It's ideal for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) with small mobile teams, as well as for larger companies with hundreds of field staff. It enables you to dispatch jobs to your field staff of engineers, installers or inspectors, including all the information they need to do a great job. Fieldworkers use Workforce's mobile app and can easily communicate with the office. It includes features that make it easy to manage repeatable jobs, ensuring that the service you provide to customers is consistent and professional. With three excellent value Workforce.FM pricing plans to choose from, you can start with the basics and upgrade as your business needs expand.

A little background about Workforce

Workforce.FM's tagline is:

Software your office and field staff will love

Workforce reduces paperwork and admin time for your office staff and streamlines the assignment of jobs to your fieldworkers. You can store business and residential customer information in one place, including documentation that's relevant to your jobs. Workforce can be used to schedule jobs which can be assigned to different team members based on their skills and availability.

How easy is it to use Workforce?

Workforce is web based, so you can access it via the browser on all types of device. The admin console works on computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Can you use Workforce on a mobile device?

The Workforce mobile app is available on iOS and Android, so field workers can use the app on a mobile device.

Can you use it offline?

The Workforce app works when there's no internet connection, allowing field workers to complete their work in places with limited connectivity such as basements and remote locations. As soon as the app has a wifi connection the app automatically syncs and updates the data.

What are its key features?

Workforce is used by service companies who allocate work to remote teams. Its key features allow your team in the office to communicate efficiently with your service team, reducing admin and ensuring customer-facing engineers, installers or inspectors can readily access accurate information real-time.

Job Management

Workforce includes a colourful schedule enabling those who dispatch jobs to allocate work easily based on your service team’s availability. It's simple to update a job's status and add special notes to it. You can even set up recurring jobs that happen at a regular frequency.

Email & SMS Management

Your office team can send automated emails and SMS messages to fieldworkers and customers, ensuring nobody misses an important notification.

Forms & Checklists

You can create checklists, compliance forms and surveys for your fieldworkers to complete on the job. This ensures all information is captured in a consistent manner for every job and reduces paperwork for everyone.

Quotes, invoices & Purchase Orders

With Workforce you can create branded quotes and invoices for customers. 

Calendar integrations

You can synchronise appointments from Workforce directly onto calendars, such as Google Cal, iCloud and Outlook.


Workforce integrates with accounting applications like Xero and QuickBooks, so you can synchronise your data between your accounting software and Workforce. This ensures your customer records and invoices are up to date in both applications.

What are its benefits and business outcomes?

Using Workforce you can manage jobs more efficiently with improved communication and organised processes. Admin and management teams can view the status of all jobs and report on them with ease.The result is a highly managed field service, with the right level of tracking and automation in place before, during and after a job, through invoicing and post-sale activity. 

What about security?

Workforce uses the latest technology to ensure your account is safe. All business data is backed up in a separate location which can be restored right away and they currently record 99.9% uptime.

How much does Workforce cost?

Pricing is based on a monthly subscription per user.

Workforce has different pricing plans available depending on your needs. You can download a free trial of Workforce and view pricing information here

Where can I find out more about Workforce?

For more information, visit Workforce.FM's website or if you'd like a custom demonstration, please click Request a demo to contact us.