Instructor Led Training Delivery


Instructor Led Training (ILT) is appropriate for complex changes that require significant change to your company's ways of working.

You need CRM training for your whole team

To guarantee a successful CRM implementation, you need to make sure your whole team is prepared. We can deliver Instructor Led Training to all types of user: 

  • End Users (sales, marketing and service teams)
  • Super Users
  • System Administrators
  • Managers
  • Senior Executives

We always ensure senior management participate in our training programmes, since their support is critical to ensuring your CRM project is a success.

All our trainers have excellent facilitation skills. We suggest the number of trainers involved in delivery is kept to a minimum, to ensure consistency. 

We deliver fun, practical training in a relaxed environment, conducive to adult learning. 

You might prefer your own team to deliver training

Encouraging managers and team leaders to deliver training to their own teams can be an excellent way to ensure wholehearted adoption of a new CRM system. We can design a comprehensive Train The Trainer programme to ensure your internal trainers are fully prepared with the appropriate presentation and facilitation skills, as well as technical knowledge and training management skills. If your internal team is not large enough to cope with this additional responsibility, we can deliver the complete training programme, supported by your managers. 

Your users need to be trained in their mother tongue 

Learning to use a new CRM tool is always a challenge. Trying to learn it in another language is even harder. You should aim to deliver as much training as possible in your users' mother tongue. We can deliver training in English, French, German and Italian for you.  

You want training delivered in a way that suits you

We're experienced in managing complex, European CRM rollouts for large Corporates. However, we equally enjoy managing training for smaller organisations. If you're a small company, we can also gather requirements, design, develop and test your CRM solution, as well as manage and deliver your training for it.