Find art lovers via Facebook

Find art lovers via Facebook

"What's the best marketing strategy for sculpture?"

Will Hunt produces beautiful sculptural pieces to elevate any coffee table or mantlepiece. He's currently working on a new botanical series, including Fiora and Fiora Grande.

Will has always been a 'maker'. He's happiest making things in his workshop. He enjoys the process of coming up with new ideas and and creating new artwork. He's not a salesman or a marketer. He doesn't enjoy promoting his work. 

In our experience, most creatives don't like self-promotion or selling. Artists, artisans and sculptors don't feel the need to shout about their work. They'd prefer their work to speak for itself.

But unless you have an audience who know about you and your artistic work, you're unlikely to make many sales. So I convinced Mr Hunt (who also happens to be my husband!) that social media would be an effective means of sharing his new work, generating awareness of his art and sculpture, as well as genuine interest in his creative talents. 

The informal nature of Facebook and Twitter allow Will Hunt to share his projects and tell their story. Facebook and Twitter are two social media channels that lend themselves perfectly to stunning photography, conversational updates and news-bites. Even someone who doesn't particularly like doing sales or marketing can have fun with them.

Our response? Social media management focused on four channels.

Since Will already uses Facebook, it was an obvious first choice. He had a personal Twitter account, but wasn't using it. So we agreed that a separate Twitter account called @SculptureHunt would be a suitable companion to a new Facebook Business Page. Afterwards, we created a simple, clean website to start sharing his latest body of work, and we're also using Instagram to share what happens in Will's workshop to create the final sculptures.

We're especially grateful to Daniel Atkinson for his fantastic, professional photography. 

Offline marketing with, a networking group for property design creatives

In addition to online marketing, we recognised the importance of networking with property design professionals. So we launched a new, informal networking forum for interior designers, architects, photographers, home technology professionals, garden designers and anyone involved in making and creating beautiful modern homes. We decided to call this forum, since it's aimed at anyone involved in residential or commercial spaces. We meet every 2-3 months in new, inspiring venues. You simply pay as you attend. No membership fee required.

What's next for Will Hunt ~ Sculptor?

We're in the process of taking photos and creating video clips of Will's work, showing how he turns aluminum alloy into art. Our focus is now to increase visibility  through expanded content and guest blogging.