The term End Users typically encompasses employees in Sales, Marketing and Service, since these are the primary users of your CRM system. However there are many other teams who may be affected by the implementation of your CRM, such as Finance, Administrators, and of course those who will ultimately support your End Users. 

Ensure all users are included

Ensure that all potential users are considered in your training plans. Your CRM implementation is likely to affect users to some degree in all these teams: 

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Service & Support
  • Finance
  • Administators

Ensure that users are supported by Managers, Team Leaders and IT Support

There are a number of additional audiences with special roles to play in your CRM implementation. You need to consider the training needs for each of these roles, especially since they will support your users and enable increased user adoption: 

  • Super Users or Champions
  • Helpdesk & Support teams
  • System Administrators
  • Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • Senior Executives

Ensure that training logistics are not forgotten

Don't forget that training End Users is not just about delivering training. Careful planning and scheduling of your training will increase your chances of success. We can assist with training logistics if necessary.

Gather feedback from users

When you deliver training to End Users, you are in an ideal situation to gather valuable feedback about the CRM implementation as you do so. We document all feedback and escalate issues as they arise, to maximise the efficacy of your training.