"I need to be more visible as a nutrition expert."

Diana Earnshaw works in the Wellbeing sector. She's a Clinical Nutritionist and retired Registered Nurse. Diana was the owner of Your Good Health ~ Naturally, regularly speaking to groups about traditional nutrition. Her speciality is helping individuals who are chronically sick. We first met Diana at a Business Biscotti networking event in Winnersh. 

In Diana's own words:

I wanted my website to work better for me and needed advice on other ways to make me 'visible'.

Diana was already posting articles regularly to her blog, which she aptly calls The Digest. But she was disappointed with the number of visitors to her Wordpress website. She felt like her words were lost in the ether. She was using Twitter and Facebook as her primary social media channels, but the time she was spending on social media wasn't driving as much traffic as she expected to her site. 

Diana was keen to raise her profile, so she'd be in an even stronger position to be offered more speaker slots at wellness conferences. Diana loves to share nutritional advice and is a strong advocate of the need for more attention to health in young people and adults alike. She wanted her website, her Facebook and Twitter presence, to provide a platform for that. 

Our response? A completely tailored Social Media coaching programme.

Since Diana already had some experience of using social media, we suggested a series of one-to-one coaching sessions covering her use of Wordpress, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. We also introduced her to two excellent scheduling tools to suit her personal preferences and needs. We made practical recommendations about how she could tweak her existing website, to improve its Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We also explained how she could use LinkedIn more effectively for brand awareness and lead generation. We prepared a focused list of marketing activities for Diana to gradually complete, with our support. Diana chomped her way methodically through the list. It was delightful to see how her confidence grew, once she knew that she was following marketing best practice.

Diana says:

I am so glad that I found Vanessa. Due to her clear way of explaining things, even I, the most non-techie person ever, was able to understand what I had to do. 

On a one-to-one basis, Vanessa guided me through the Social Media applications that would be the most effective for my business. I am now using these more deftly and I am delighted to say, that the hits on my website have increased by 100 a day within the first month! She also gave me sound advice on how to look for, and approach potential clients. 

Vanessa set me tasks to perform which for me, was the best way to retain the know-how. She was encouraging and offered advice as I proceeded - always available to answer my panicky emails! Vanessa is so easy to work with, being both friendly and professional. 

Choose Vanessa. You won't regret it!

Diana's voice on nutrition is heard. 

Within the first month of focused activity, the number of visitors to Your Good Health ~ Naturally's website increased by 100 a day, sometimes by as much as 200.

Diana's personal Klout score increased from 45 to the early 50s. Whilst her Followers on Facebook and Twitter are increasing steadily, she is most happy with the increase in engagement that her improved posts are generating. This engagement is leading to more referrals, which is resulting in a healthier business pipeline, too.