Software overview

How should you evaluate a CRM solution?

There are hundreds of CRM applications to choose from today. And thousands of criteria you could use to judge them by. We've spent the last two decades working with many of the most popular CRM systems, so you don't need to waste time testing them all yourself.

We can help you fast track to the right solution for you, whether you're looking for a Marketing Automation solution, pipeline management for your fabulous sales team or a software solution to support your customer service team. We help you find the answer to your technology questions to help your business grow. We can also support new small businesses in creating a website with HubSpot's Content Management Systems (CMS), which has the added advantage of integrating with HubSpot's free CRM.

We care about finding CRM solutions that truly benefit your business and we've created a shortlist that meet our requirements for:

  • Usability 
  • Mobility 
  • Offline access
  • Features 
  • Security
  • Price

Which CRM solutions should you consider first?

That's difficult to say, since it depends entirely on your requirements and the problems you're hoping your CRM will solve. We work with many CRMs including ActiveCampaign, HubSpot CRM, Maximizer, SharpSpring and Zoho. However, we've created some simple overviews for the following popular ones:

We'll be adding more one page overviews to our list very soon, but the easiest way to find a CRM for you is to call us on (07967) 620215 to let us learn more about your business goals. 

Which CRM is best for you?

How do you know which CRM is best for your business? You can only find the ideal solution if you know what your business objectives are and how CRM can help you meet them. If you'd like some help working out your requirements from a CRM system, you can trust us to work with you and share our objective advice. 

What if you've selected a different CRM system?

With twenty years' experience in CRM, we have a comprehensive understanding of what most businesses need from their sales, marketing and service software. We're also fast learners. So if you'd like to benefit from our experience alongside your current CRM, whether that's MaximizerZoho CRMConstant Contact or Microsoft Dynamics, we'd love to help.

Need help selecting or implementing a CRM system

Need help selecting or implementing a CRM system?

If you'd like some help with selecting or implementing a CRM system, please call (07967) 620215 or contact us to arrange an informal chat to discuss your needs.