Discover your personal strengths and what motivates you

Discover your personal strengths and what motivates you
by Tom Rath

This small book is a must-read for anyone who wants to discover their values and motivations, in business and in life.

It includes 'Ideas for Action' which are useful tips on how to introduce more of what you love into your personal and professional life. I learnt that one of my talents is being 'futuristic'. Here's what it recommends for futurists:

'Musing about the future comes naturally to you. Read articles about technology, science, and research to gain knowledge that will fuel your imagination.'

It also provides tips on how to work with colleagues who have particular values or talents, so you can help them apply their strengths.

I first heard about Strengths Finder 2.0 from my former client, Jenny Kovacs. Jenny is now a successful Visibility Specialist, doing what she loves and also happens to be great at.

By learning what energises and motivates you, you'll improve your ability to relate to others and spend more time doing what you love.