Learn to communicate clearly and 'talk normal'

Learn to communicate clearly and 'talk normal'
by Tim Phillips

Have you ever winced at hearing the word 'operationalization' used in a meeting? Then this book is most certainly for you!

'Talk Normal' is an invaluable resource for anyone writing for business. If you're writing or proofreading web copy, marketing content, documentation or even training materials, this book will ensure you choose your words wisely. For the wordsmiths among you, no doubt it'll have you chuckling to yourself too.

Often we use jargon without realising it, excluding readers without being aware of the impact of our words. 

This book by Tim Phillips reminds us of the 'weasel words' that the media uses to soften the blow of bad news. It certainly makes you hit the delete button.  

We think everyone in business should have a copy, so we can all understand one another a little better.

Enjoy! And please continue to spread the word by 'talking normal'.