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Get The Most From Your Time on Facebook

Take these 12 steps to customise your Facebook experience

How much time do you spend on Facebook?

Most Facebook users would admit it's difficult to tell, as time seems to disappear whilst scrolling, commenting, liking and posting on the platform - and notifications, pop-ups and viral videos all vie for our attention and keep us glued. The result is that many of us feel guilty about the amount of time we spend on Facebook.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he's keen for us to 'spend our time well' on Facebook*. He recently announced that Facebook will introduce a timer to help us limit the amount of time we spend on the platform**.

A timer will help, but how can we ensure that the time we spend on Facebook is as useful, relevant, and enjoyable to us as it should be?

I've created this infographic with 12 simple steps you can take to customise your Facebook experience, helping you focus more on what you care about and enjoy about Facebook, as well as being more productive and efficient whilst using it. Taking these 12 steps you'll be able to:

  • See posts from people, Pages and Groups you genuinely care about
  • Limit posts you'd rather not see
  • Remove unnecessary or time-wasting distractions

However you access Facebook – whether via an app on your mobile phone or via the desktop version on your laptop or tablet – the infographic provides step-by-step instructions, showing you how to adjust settings and make use of features that will help you create a custom Facebook experience that's perfect for you.



* Mark Zuckerberg wrote this on his Facebook page on 4th January 2018


Wednesday, 15th August 2018
Myrna Rickards

Written by Myrna Rickards

Myrna started her career as a teacher of Modern Languages and English as a Foreign Language, and during her time teaching adults in Oxford, she began studying computing and web design. She then embarked on a web marketing career at Macmillan Publishers and Oxford University Press. In 2011 she launched her freelance marketing business Blue Gem Marketing which allowed her to work at home and look after her two children. She recently launched a new business, Click and Tap Computer Coaching, which helps people to make the most of their computers and tablets. She now combines her freelance marketing work with teaching computer and digital skills to individuals and groups. She blogs about social media, e-safety and small business marketing, resources and advice.

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