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Facebook Business Page Checklist [Part 1]: Get Your Page Ready

Make the most of your Facebook business page by following these 9 steps.

A fully completed and optimised Facebook page will create a professional, positive and trustworthy impression for your business.

Visitors to your page will find essential information about your business, what you offer and what you're all about, with clear contact details and calls to action. When you know you have a comprehensive Facebook page, you can enjoy focusing on engaging with your followers: posting great content, interacting with your followers and growing your page.

To help you complete your Facebook page, I've created a checklist with 9 steps you need to take to ensure your Facebook page will be fully launch-ready.

Log in to your Facebook page on a desktop (the instructions in the infographic are for the desktop version, but you can access the settings on your mobile, too) and follow this checklist.

When you've made the changes, you can be sure that your business has a positive and professional presence on Facebook. And be sure to share the final result with Vanessa Hunt Consulting on Facebook, won't you? 

You can download the PDF version of the infographic.

Visit us again next month for Part 2

Look out for the next infographic coming in November: Next steps to grow and optimise your Facebook page, which will help get the conversation started on your page.

Sunday, 28th October 2018
Myrna Rickards

Written by Myrna Rickards

Myrna started her career as a teacher of Modern Languages and English as a Foreign Language, and during her time teaching adults in Oxford, she began studying computing and web design. She then embarked on a web marketing career at Macmillan Publishers and Oxford University Press. In 2011 she launched her freelance marketing business Blue Gem Marketing which allowed her to work at home and look after her two children. She recently launched a new business, Click and Tap Computer Coaching, which helps people to make the most of their computers and tablets. She now combines her freelance marketing work with teaching computer and digital skills to individuals and groups. She blogs about social media, e-safety and small business marketing, resources and advice.

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