Does your mother know what you do?

Does your mother know what you do?

Today was the launch of this new website. It was a gentle launch...

I first wanted to get a little feedback from trusted friends and family members before sharing the news with a little more noise.

Write so your mother understands

In spite of my efforts to use clear, simple language throughout the site, the first thing my mum asked me on the phone this evening was:

What's CRM?

It reminded me that whenever we communicate, our goal should be to write clearly enough that our mother understands. Yes, I use the Hemingway app to check that I haven't used too many adverbs or long sentences. I check that my 'readability' score is grade 7 or 8. I take care not to use too many abbreviations or acronyms. And I was tickled by Eats, shoots and leaves by Lynn Truss. But should I really assume that everyone knows what CRM means?

Posted on Wednesday, 26th November 2014 by Vanessa Hunt
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