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Eight cool photo effects to give your images the wow factor

8 cool photo effects to give your images the wow factor

When you've spent time writing a fantastic tweet, an important Facebook post or your latest blog post and are ready to publish it, how much time do you spend on the accompanying image?

Usually, it's the final step everyone takes and is frequently rushed.

Recently, there's been a lot of evidence showing the positive – and powerful - effects of images in social media and on the web.

Did you know…

  • tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images?
  • Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images?

Aren't those statistics just jaw-dropping?

Posted on Friday, 28th December 2018 by Myrna Rickards

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A blogger's checklist: Fourteen tips to get your blog noticed

Whenever you start a new blog post, no matter how passionate you are about the topic, you must also consider your plan for getting it noticed.

I'd love to say there's a magic formula for sharing a blog post quickly and efficiently with your target audience and beyond, but there's no quick fix. The truth is, you have to put as much effort into publicising a blog as publishing it (if not more!)

But there's some good practice you can follow to attract readers, and I hope you find the following list of questions helpful. You can refer back to this blogging checklist each time you write a new blog post.

Posted on Saturday, 28th April 2018 by Vanessa Hunt

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Blogging comes easy when you're in flow

Does it seem to take you forever to come up with new ideas for a blog? And then actually getting it down on (digital) paper takes an eternity? Then I have a tip for you.

Write less. Snap more. 

You might just prefer a more visual approach to blogging...

Posted on Thursday, 14th December 2017 by Vanessa Hunt

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Why Your SEO Needs to Be a Long-Term Investment

SEO is easily misunderstood by businesses, who think it's something they only need with a new website, or something that can be turned off and on like a tap. With clickbait blog posts and random spam emails flooding your inbox on a daily basis, it can be hard to know what exactly SEO means for your business. 

Posted on Friday, 23rd June 2017 by

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Guest blogging earns Gold for best article in CRM Writers' Awards 2017

I love creating content on current CRM topics like user adoption, sales enablement and training for SalesMethods. So I was even more delighted for my client when I learnt that my guest blogging had won the Gold and Silver awards in two categories of the CRM Writers' Awards 2017. 

Posted on Tuesday, 25th April 2017 by Vanessa Hunt

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Every day holds a memory

Birthdays are more special since Mum passed softly away. Now they're a day for celebrating her life, not mine.

I clearly recall memories of noisy parties with small friends. On my seventh birthday, my sister baked me a birthday cake in the shape of a seven, covered in a rainbow of smarties. I still see the bright golden lion brooch that Mum gave me, sparkling.

And now Mum's no longer here, I recall the sweetest of memories of her simply being my Mum. 

Posted on Sunday, 21st August 2016 by Vanessa Hunt


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The beauty of evergreen content

It's easy for us to neglect our websites when we get busy. I'm just as guilty as you are!

Recently I've been so focused on ghost blogging and writing web copy for my customers, I've neglected to update my blog. The cardinal cyber sin. 

We know Google loves websites that are regularly updated. However, evergreen content is also an important component of your website.

Posted on Sunday, 25th October 2015 by Vanessa Hunt

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You have to stop what you’re doing to get started

I’ve been feeling rather guilty this month. I’ve not been taking my own medicine. I started off with good intentions, and yet I’ve meandered off my own marketing path, distracted by other things. My intention is to blog weekly. I launched my new website in November, with 4 blog posts for November. And yet I produced nothing in December.

Posted on Friday, 26th December 2014 by Vanessa Hunt

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