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The definitive guide to starting your own Marketing, PR or Advertising Business

You may have dreamt about it for years, but not felt comfortable to make the jump. You may have had some great bosses, but have always wanted to be the boss of your own marketing business. Well, this is the guide that will give you all the tools and resources that you need to start your own marketing, PR or Advertising agency. 

Posted on Friday, 28th July 2017 by

Consultancy Marketing SEO

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An interview with Data2CRM: Customer experience and CRM

I was recently interviewed by Nataliia Matsyk (Marketing Manager) of Data2CRM, who asked some interesting questions about my experience of working in the CRM industry.

Read a short excerpt here or visit Data2CRM's CRM blog for full details of the interview.

Posted on Friday, 12th August 2016 by Vanessa Hunt

Consultancy CRM Salesforce Training User Adoption

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The beauty of evergreen content

It's easy for us to neglect our websites when we get busy. I'm just as guilty as you are!

Recently I've been so focused on ghost blogging and writing web copy for my customers, I've neglected to update my blog. The cardinal cyber sin. 

We know Google loves websites that are regularly updated. However, evergreen content is also an important component of your website.

Posted on Sunday, 25th October 2015 by Vanessa Hunt

Blogging Consultancy Marketing

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Does your mother know what you do?

Whenever we communicate, our goal should be to write clearly enough that our mother understands. Yes, I use the Hemingway app to check that I haven't used to many adverbs or long sententences. I check that my 'readability' score is grade 7 or 8. I take care not to use too many abbreviations or acronyms. And I was tickled by Eats, shoots and leaves by Lynn Truss. But should I really assume that everyone knows what CRM means?

Posted on Wednesday, 26th November 2014 by Vanessa Hunt

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