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Advice for small businesses to become compliant with GDPR

For many small businesses, especially sole-traders and Limited Liability Partnerships, it may only be necessary to produce and publish a clearly defined Data Protection Policy in order to be compliant.

However, merely declaring a policy will be deemed to be insufficient in the event of an investigation (which is only likely to happen following a data breach / compromise) unless there is hard evidence that adequate precautions were taken to implement the policy, including protecting all data that falls within the scope of GDPR – namely data that identifies a person either directly (full name, address, or photograph) or indirectly (IP address + Facebook handle and / or + characterisation of an individual).

Posted on Monday, 2nd April 2018 by


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The small business owners guide to GDPR and how to be prepared

Yes, we know… May is nearly here and the GDPR deadline is closing in fast. 

But as Corporal Jones said:

"Don't panic, Mr Mainwaring!"

So do you know what GDPR is? And are you prepared?

Posted on Wednesday, 28th February 2018 by


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