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Increase sales velocity by shortening your sales cycle

Still waiting for a response from that website you were browsing last month? Maybe you got a reply, but not soon enough. Just last week I completed a web form on the site of a large CRM vendor who specialises in customer experience. Guess what. Nobody followed up my enquiry! I ended up chasing them via chat (which worked really well). It's okay, these things happen. But not everyone would've given them a second chance. It made me wonder how many other companies are missing out on business because they're sluggish responding to leads?

Posted on Wednesday, 3rd June 2020 by Vanessa Hunt

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Get The Most From Your Time on Facebook

Take these 12 steps to customise your Facebook experience

How much time do you spend on Facebook?

Most Facebook users would admit it's difficult to tell, as time seems to disappear whilst scrolling, commenting, liking and posting on the platform - and notifications, pop-ups and viral videos all vie for our attention and keep us glued. The result is that many of us feel guilty about the amount of time we spend on Facebook.

Posted on Wednesday, 15th August 2018 by Myrna Rickards

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Eight low-cost tools every start-up business owner needs

I don't suppose you received any emails this week tempting you to a free trial of an amazing new app, did you? How many apps did you try out? And which ones are you still using?

Are you addicted to subscribing to new apps that you never have a chance to use? Don't feel bad - we all do it! When you first start out in business, you're pulled in all directions, so of course every minute is precious. Any extra app or tool that promises to help you manage your business more easily is enticing.

Most organisations can't do without email, Word, Excel and PowerPoint (or their equivalent), but there are thousands of other software apps you could add to your suite of business applications. Our digital world offers so much choice that even the smallest, simplest business can find it overwhelming.

I've been running my small business for more than ten years. I've tried hundreds of apps because I love productivity tools. But I've continually been refining my list and I now have a shortlist of eight tools I'd recommend to any small business owner just starting out or in their first couple of years of business. The majority are free or include a free version, depending on the features you need. I use all of them daily and they ensure I keep my business running smoothly. 

Posted on Sunday, 14th January 2018 by Vanessa Hunt

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We are earning, but is that living?

In the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was in me an invincible summer. – Albert Camus in ‘Return to Tipasa’ (1952)

Is it only through loss, pain or death that we gain clarity of purpose in our lives?

We live, therefore we must die. Though our days are numbered, we consider them countless. We spend our time carelessly. 

Posted on Wednesday, 15th April 2015 by Vanessa Hunt

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How to get jumpstarted when your battery's flat

Do you ever have days where no matter how hard you focus, you're not as productive as you'd like?

I had one like that recently. 

I had a long document I needed to finish writing by the end of the day. So I removed myself from all distractions. I shut myself away in my home office. I set my phone to silent. I closed all unnecessary browser windows and apps. I started to work. And yet...

Posted on Sunday, 18th January 2015 by Vanessa Hunt


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Yes, your dog can teach you new tricks!

"Walkies!" A familiar phrase that's sure to set even the laziest dog's tail a-wagging.

But how can a wagging tail help you form new habits this year? Because I'm sure, like me, you have at least one New Year's resolution niggling away at the back of your mind?

Posted on Tuesday, 13th January 2015 by Vanessa Hunt


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How eating bite-size tomatoes saves you time

I have a  major project to complete this week, but I was struggling to get started. It was too daunting. I'd start working on it, but then get distracted by smaller, less meaningful activities. I knew I was wasting valuable time. My time!

So I called in some help from the 'time tomatoes'...

Posted on Tuesday, 30th December 2014 by Vanessa Hunt


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You have to stop what you’re doing to get started

I’ve been feeling rather guilty this month. I’ve not been taking my own medicine. I started off with good intentions, and yet I’ve meandered off my own marketing path, distracted by other things. My intention is to blog weekly. I launched my new website in November, with 4 blog posts for November. And yet I produced nothing in December.

Posted on Friday, 26th December 2014 by Vanessa Hunt

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